What Is the Most Important Thing You Need to Succeed? Correct Information

And my name on a list of potential funders? It won’t lead to your success

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So how do you deal with a problem you cannot fix?

In this instance, I had to adjust my habits. I had to scan my email regularly and dump the offending email into the junk mail folder. It’s what had to be done, considering that no one — no marketing person, no salesperson, no management individual — would ever help me by removing my listing from their site.

  • #2. It’s stupid to send blind emails to a list of contacts you don’t know is screened and up-to-date. THIS one has some incorrect listings. I’ve spoken to other individuals/groups who are NOT funders but who have ended up on the list.
  • #3. Where did you get this list? Was it free or did you pay for it? If it cost you something, are you AWARE the information on the list is incorrect and not useful, perhaps just wrong rather than simply out of date?
  • #4. What success have you had in asking ABSOLUTE STRANGERS FOR MONEY?? How does that work? Is it a good strategy for you? Have you received a lot of responses/investments?

What should you do?

I’ve worked with tens of thousands of companies during the past 30+ years. I’ve made sure those companies knew some basic concepts of running a business — how to write business plans, how to set up a corporation, how to ask for help and get help, how to set up funding rounds and pursue potential investors and how to manage people.

Show me the money

I’ve talked to many “wanna-be entrepreneurs” over the last 30+ years, and quite a few of them have been surprised when I immediately bring up finances. Why? Because I believe in cutting to chase, and I readily admit that, without money, nothing happens. It’s nearly impossible to found, build and advance a business concept without finances. Money makes it all work.

Back to me and my flooded inbox

So, again, to all of you (nearly 70) who have sent me “blind emails/pitches/follow-ups” over the past year to get me and my organization to invest in your company, I wanted you to know without a doubt that WE’RE NOT INVESTORS. We don’t have a fund. We don’t make investments.

Includes Tech Licensing, Ventures, and two business incubators, The Hub and Sid Martin Biotech. We are an innovation ecosystem.

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