Don’t let your passion get in the way of your progress

A recurring cartoon by David Siprass in the New Yorker pops up now and then. I always find it funny. It pictures the stereotypical old guy with a beard, wearing a robe, standing on a street corner holding up a sign that says, “THE END IS NEAR!” …

Don’t make the same mistakes I made when it came to my personal health

This past month I had the ultimate “health checkup.” In other words, my cardiologist chewed me out big time. My “sedentary, desk-chair lifestyle” (his exact words) had made me “so busy with work I did not pay attention to myself.”

Yep. I’ve gained some serious weight. (I was blaming it…

For you and those you ask for advice when choosing

Researchers at Cornell University determined we make 226.7 decisions per day on FOOD ALONE. (I believe the 0.7 decision was that fleeting thought I had regarding a Chili dog, before my common sense — and GERD — prevailed).

We literally make a multitude of decisions every single day. Again, it’s…

And other scientific studies that make you say ‘Duh!’

The results of a study were released today and the findings seem to be solid: “Higher stress levels raise blood pressure, risk of heart attack, and stroke.” Now, if you’re like me (old, medicated and stressed), I know what you’re saying, “NO S@*$, SHERLOCK! Imagine that. Stress causes health problems…

UF Innovate

Includes Tech Licensing, Ventures, and two business incubators, The Hub and Sid Martin Biotech. We are an innovation ecosystem.

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