You might find the ‘sound of silence’ is exactly what you need

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The devil is in the details, unless you take care to cast him out

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But maybe love isn’t the right word; let’s try respect

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I know it seems counterintuitive, but hear me out

Image by Elnur

Keep your head high and keep trying your best

Image by Kaspars Grinvalds

Whether you’re leading or following, be yourself, be humble, and be so, so careful

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Get this advice in your head and heed it, and you’ll go far as a leader

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Know when to fold ’em (or fire them)

Tips for using your honeymoon period to create your own ‘happily ever after’

Photo collage by Author; special thanks to Ryan J Lane from Getty Images Signature for image of man at desk.

Guess which one is successful. Which one are you?

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The real key to startup success is research

Photo by Alena Darmel on Pexels

UF Innovate

Includes Tech Licensing, Ventures, and two business incubators, The Hub and Sid Martin Biotech. We are an innovation ecosystem.

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